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Premium Wedding & Party Makeup Kit 💄✨ – High-Quality Essentials


Enhance your beauty with our Premium Wedding & Party Makeup Kit! Achieve a flawless look with high-quality essentials for eyes, lips, and face. Grab yours now and shine at every event! 💄✨

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Elevate your beauty routine with our High-Quality Wedding & Party Makeup Kit! This all-in-one kit includes a 6-shade eye shadow palette, highlighter kit, imported loose powder, face mask, foundation base, cake face powder, aloe vera gel, lipstick, nail paints, ETD puff, makeup fixer, and more. Achieve a flawless look for every occasion with our curated essentials. 💅🌟

Key Features:

✨ 6-Shade Eye Shadow Palette

✨ Highlighter Kit for Radiant Glow

✨ Imported Loose Powder for Lasting Finish

✨ Comprehensive Face and Lip Essentials

✨ ETD Puff and Makeup Fixer Included


🌈 All-in-One Makeup Solution

💄 High-Quality Essentials

🌟 Achieve a Flawless Look

🎨 Variety of Shades for Every Style


🚫 Limited Nail Paint Color Options

🚫 Individual Shade Preferences May Vary

Package Include (12 products)

Eye shadow Kit 6 Shade Large/ Highlighter Kit/ Lose Powder Imported/ Face Mask/ HandI Foundation Base/
Cake Face Powder/ Alovera Gel/ Lipstick/ Nail Paints/ ETD Puff/ Makeup Fixer/ ETC


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