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ILVAY 5-Piece Makeup Set


Upgrade your beauty effortlessly with ILVAY’s 5-Piece Makeup Set! 💄✨ Achieve flawless looks daily. Order Now and glow confidently! 💅🌟

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Upgrade your beauty routine with ILVAY’s Deal of 05! This comprehensive makeup bundle includes a Foundation Stick, Pan Cake Powder, Foundation Loose Powder, Handi Base, and Cake Eye Liner. Achieve a flawless finish with the Foundation Stick, set your look with Pan Cake Powder and Foundation Loose Powder, apply smoothly with Handi Base, and define your eyes with the Cake Eye Liner. This bundle is perfect for all makeup enthusiasts, providing a range of versatile products for everyday use or special occasions. 💄✨

Key Features:

✨ Foundation Stick for Smooth Application

✨ Pan Cake Powder for Setting Makeup

✨ Foundation Loose Powder for Lasting Finish

✨ Handi Base for Easy Application

✨ Cake Eye Liner for Defined Eyes


🌈 Comprehensive Makeup Essentials

💄 Versatile Products for Various Looks

🌟 Ideal for Daily or Special Occasion Makeup

🎨 Convenient All-in-One Set


🚫 Brand Not Specified

🚫 Limited Information on Individual Product Sizes

Package Include (5 Products)

foundation/ powder(Pan Cake Powder, Loose Powder) / base/ eyeliner


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