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Wireless Touchpad Keyboard – Mini RF500, Black


Simplify typing and navigation with the Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard RF500. Fast file transfers, high-quality construction. Get the Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard RF500 for fast file transfers and high-quality convenience. Upgrade your setup now!

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Discover convenience with the Mini Wireless Keyboard featuring a built-in touchpad mouse, the RF500 in sleek black. This high-quality keyboard is designed for simplicity and efficiency, offering a compact solution for your typing and navigation needs.

Equipped with a USB to Micro USB connector, this keyboard provides versatile compatibility with various devices. The USB OTG adapters included make it easy to connect to Android phones, enabling seamless communication between your keyboard and mobile devices.

The Micro Transfer USB ensures fast file transfers, streamlining your data-sharing experience. The high-quality construction of this keyboard, with one side featuring a female USB and the other side a male Micro USB, adds durability and reliability to your daily tasks.

Enhance your typing and navigation experience with this Mini Wireless Keyboard. Simplify your connectivity, transfer files effortlessly, and enjoy the convenience of a compact, high-quality wireless solution.


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