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12-Pack Multicolor Lip Liner Pencils


Enhance your beauty with our 12-Pack Multicolor Lip Liner Pencils. Premium quality, long-lasting, and versatile. Order now for vibrant, flawless looks!

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Elevate your beauty routine with our 12-Pack Multicolor Lip Liner Pencils. Crafted for versatility, these premium-quality pencils offer a long-lasting finish with a strong stay formula. Each set includes 12 high-quality, dual-purpose eyeliner and lipliner pencils, providing a smooth application for a flawless look.

Experience the convenience of a single product serving as both a lip and eye liner, allowing you to create different looks daily. The pencils boast a durable formula that ensures a lasting impression, making them an essential addition to your makeup collection.

With various shades in one pack, these multicolor lip liners add vibrancy and creativity to your beauty routine. Order now for a premium, versatile makeup experience!


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